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What is Robocamp?

Learning and Leadership Academy is currently partnering with pioneers in education in order to deliver ON-GOING learning programs through setting up conducting Robotic Camps. This initiative specially will leave an everlasting impression on the children and spark a self-learning streak in them. Innovative Centre of Excellence is setup in the form of Robotic Camps in the School to integrate academics and technology through innovative exercises in Robotics and Science. The vision of the camp is to create a Technofriencly Ecosystem.

Robotic Camps at your school shall impart STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) concepts to the kids by carefully imbibing practical applications of modern day technology standards…

Parents say that their Kids have started spending quality time with them on computers and tablets exploring what they have learned during the course of their participation. Children have been seen watching science, technology and robotics videos on YouTube, thus solving the most common household problem that parents have with children, which is Internet addiction and procrastination.

Robotics programs help the child understand geometry and angles, thereby  naturally improving their studies and making them efficient in their academic subjects.


“I loved to make so many robots, Sir helped us in building even the difficult robot with ease. I loved to make the the Jackson Robot the most of all. I never thought robot can draw but i was able to make robot that can draw.”

— Bhargavi, IV, Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya

“I learnt to make 6 type of Robots, some were very simple to make and some little difficult, but with the help of Robotic Sir, i was able to make it and i am waiting for the next event.”                                                                              

–Anghshuman, class V, Requelford School

“I learnt to make to 5 different type of Robots. It is more interesting in the workshop and we were able to build Robots and I was happy when i saw my robot made by me move for the first time. I would love to come back and learn more in the next session.”

–Ritu Puri, Class VI, Delhi public School

“Amazing experience! Very well organised.Was extremely pleased to see how my two kids enjoyed making simple Jackson bots to remote controlled cars. Very interactive and friendly team. Wish to attend many more such workshops.”

– Nageshwa Rao, Parent of Meghala and Arshita


Beginner Level

A basic level camp would introduced the kids to the concept of Robotics, the motors, electronics, electrical, mechanical concepts and other basic building blocks of robots in a one hour of theory session that will be followed by a video demonstration for better understanding. This course is a preparation for the next level.

Projects: BasicBots, WiredRobots

Duration: 2 Days

Intermediate Level

This workshop not only introduces the students to the world of Robotics but also help them construct and build both wired and wireless Robots. This is a one week workshop and introduces the students to the world of competitive Robot making in a productive manner. Students subsequently learn to build customized programmable robots.

Projects:Wired,Wireless Robots

Duration: 5 Days


→ Free Robotic kits
→ Hands on Live Projects
→ Quiz Competitions
→ Gold and Silver medal to winners
→ Participation Certificates to all Participants from LLA

Robotic Kit Will Include:

→ 1*Motor Driver Circuit
→ 1*4-pin female to female connector
→ 1*Battery Snipper (without DC jack)
→ 1 Pair D.C gear motors (BO2-150RPM)
→ 1*(High quality plastic chasis Board)
→ 1*Screw driver
→ 1*Ball Caster wheel
→ 4*(Support Studs)
→ 1 Pair wheel 76mm Diameter
→ Other required tools


Introduction to Robotics

Concepts of STEM

Understanding Mechanics

Fun with Electronics and Applied Mathematics

Understanding Electrical Circuits

Introduction To Programming

Use of PCBs (Arduino boards)

Building wired/wireless Robots


At the end of every workshop is quiz competition is conducted and all the students receive the participation Certificate and the Winner is awarded Gold Medal and a Certificate of Merit


Our Instructor shall work with the school management and concerned teachers on a Comprehensive and multidisciplinary educational ecosystem through intensive guidance and hand- on approach. The certified Robotics camp is held during Summers. The school reserves the right to choose any date from:

18th April to 7th June

Venue: Partnered School Premises

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