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Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Effective verbal and written communication skills contribute to the success of the child in the future. Digitized practice exercises and activities will be conducted for effective writing through essay, stories, and topics relevant to current trends. Our program focuses on the following areas:


Logical Reasoning & Aptitude | Maths Simplified

Critical Thinking is the key to success in 21st Century.

LLA’s program on Logical Reasoning and Aptitude, Maths simplified program is categorized into 4 levels.

This is an activity based program where the children are constantly challenged through digital medium and motivated to think outside the box by stimulating their brain through:

Leadership Skills, Public Speaking
& Personality Development

Nobody is a born leader. Leadership skills is an attribute that needs to be developed right from childhood. Public Speaking and Personality Development are the direct factors that contribute to the enhancement of leadership skills.

Learning and Leadership Academy offers a powerful program by integrating public speaking, personality development, and leadership skills. Our program is divided into 3 modules based on a set of age groups.

5-8 years

Learning and Leadership Academy plants the seed for budding leaders to improve their listening and speaking skills. Our program focuses on active listening, imaginative skills, choosing the right topic and appropriate vocabulary for speech. The child will gain confidence and overcome stage fear.

Transitional Leaders
9-12 years

Learning and Leadership Academy nurtures the individuality of transitional leaders through a variety of brain coordination exercises, digital learning resources, mock sessions for speech and debate. This module focuses on the development of interpersonal skills, brain power, structuring a speech, and accepting different perspectives.

High-Impact Leaders
13-15 years

Learning and Leadership Academy is committed to transform your child into a powerful leader. Our program instils leadership skills through hands on practical exercises like speaking in front of a group, debates, group discussions with emphasis on voice modulation, controlling pauses, being articulative, and memory enhancement games.