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Robotics for kids at the Centre for Excellence is a maker centred approach combining Engineering, Electronics, Technology, Programming and Algorithm

With Summer vacations near, course on Robotics is the most awaited activity among parents and kids. Getting introduced to higher logical programming in Robotics not only does it create practical learning experience but also imbibes deeper curiosity through intellectual exercises and exemplary team work.

What we do

Courses at the Centre of Excellence are designed not just to assemble a robot but to built it from Scratch!


The Foundation 1 and 2 course is for the beginners and introduces the kids to the whole new world of Robotics, its mechanisms and prepares the young learns the much needed insight to this exploding technology.


Robomaker and Roboraiders are intensive experience and a journey to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focusing on electronics and mechanics. This course is open to children from the age of 9 years and above.


Level 3 and 4 i.e Robochallenge and Robovate training program exposes the children to designing, basic engineering, solving problems pertaining to Autonomous Robots. It also serves as a pillar for students who has a natural inclination towards learning technology and still are hungry to learn more

LETS US ANSWER the “How and Why” in the minds of the little innovators

Courses at our centre of Excellence shall foster

Learning Basic Electronics & its components


Programming Specific to Robots


Self-Learning and Problem solving skills


Team work which is key to Globalisation


Enhancing Logical and Analytical thinking



Level Age Course Name Duration Kit Fee Enroll
Foundation Workshop – 1 6 – 12 Years Edu-Robo 6 Hours No ₹ 2000/- Register
Foundation Workshop – 2 6 – 12 Years Edu-Robo 10 Hours No ₹ 3500/- Register
Level – 1 9 + Robomakers 6 Weeks Yes ₹ 5000/- Register
Level – 2 9 + Roboraider 4 Months Yes ₹ 10000/- Register
Level – 3 10 + Robochallenge 8 Months Yes ₹ 18000/- Register
Level – 4 10 + Robovate 10 Months Yes ₹ 25000/- Register


icon-down-double Robotics – The future Technology

icon-down-double Introduction to Robotics

icon-down-double Basic Robotics to Advanced Robotics

icon-down-double Wired  and WIreless Robots

icon-down-double Wireless /Receiver circuit

icon-down-double Sensors

icon-down-double Autonomous Robots

icon-down-double Mechanics

icon-down-double Use of Electricity and Electronics in Robotics

icon-down-double Light Emitting Devices

icon-down-double AC/DC Supply

icon-down-double Resistors/Capacitors

icon-down-double DPDT Switches

icon-down-double Motors (DC motor, Servo motor, Stepper motor)

icon-down-double Arduino boards


icon-down-double Bug bot & & Jackson bot

icon-down-double Remote Controlled car

icon-down-double Remote Controlled crane

icon-down-double Line Follower Robot

icon-down-double Object follower Robot

icon-down-double Light follower Robot

icon-down-double Obstacle avoiding Robot

icon-down-double Mobile controlled Robot

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Robotics important?

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary learner centred approach as it exposes the kids to a whole new world of curiosity and craving to build something on their own. And since Robotics is STEM based concept motivates children to understand how things work and encourages them to use their imagination and innovative skills in building Robots. As the child progresses from one level to another, learning concepts even in classroom be in Mathematics, Science, Electronics or Technology seems more interesting. There is also a deep sense of confidence and high self esteem which is one of the most important personality trait in today’s 21st century kids

What is the ideal age to introduce Robotics to my child?

Robots like bug bot, Jackson bot and lego robots can be introduced as early as 5 years. However, it also depends on what kind of robot or what level of complexity is being introduced. Children above the age of 8 to 9 years is the right age to introduced wired robots like RC Car/RC Crane etc.

What is the best course to choose from?

Children irrespective of the age, should ideally start from basic level beginning from  scratch  –   Understanding the concept and components of Robots, electronics, mechanics and a slowly yet consistently progressing to programmed robots. There are different levels to this course and child above 9 years can go upto advanced level of learning.

Would there be any assessment?

Yes, after completion of each level there would be an assessment on building Robots and Course completion certificates shall be awarded after each level.

Are kits included in the course fee?

Yes course fees is inclusive of Kits and shall be provided at all levels except Foundation workshops.

How do we pay for the course?

Payment for the certified Robotic course can be made through our payment link on our website or through internet banking to company’s account.

For any queries write to us at info@learnleadacademy.com or call 9951125175