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Does your child…


Have trouble speaking in class?


Have trouble making presentations and feel shy participating in conversations?


Keep himself/herself up to date with current news?


Have trouble with mathematics and calculations?

Learning & Leadership Programs

Our programs have been developed after thoroughly researching the current trends in child development and leadership areas to provide a wholesome learning experience.

Speak Right. Speak Bright

Art of public speaking develops the Self confidence & Leadership skills in the child. The emphasis is on fighting stage fright, basics of debating, using words seamlessly, and increasing vocabulary.

Digital Ninjas

Digital Ninjas aims to promote education combined with entertainment-Edutainment to ignite the child’s creativity by letting them create their own web pages in HTML and play around with Photoshop.


ILEAD2+ (Learn, Engage, And Develop to Grow) is an initiative to instil qualities like thinking outside the box, soft skills, and logical reasoning to build a balanced personality.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is an effective technique to help your child enhance the ability to communicate with peers and handle difficult conversations

Fun with Numbers

Mathematical concepts and formulae can lead to sleepless nights for children. Fun with numbers aims to engage and inspire students to learn maths through vedic mathematics.

Logical Reasoning & Aptitude

Knowledge alone does not guarantee success. Logical Reasoning & Aptitude is one of the major factors that contributes to success. Imparting these skills in childhood will transform them into a proactive adult.

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